Launch Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down jackets in China. They are ultra light and ultra warm. The challenge is communicate the product benefit, the technology and innovation and to strengthen the brand image as a lifestyle brand.
Uniqlo Down Up is a live experience around releasing down jackets up in to the sky. When your jacket is released, it starts to soar to altitudes which can reach all the way up into space. This time-based experience allows you to see your jacket fly up in real time and you can win awesome prizes during your flight. Log into Weibo, the Chinese twitter and allow your friends to boost your jacket up even higher, and if you win, so do they. The higher it flies, the bigger the prize. Down up is based on your location, so you can use your mobile device or computer you can set jackets up in the sky and race to win goodies whenever you are. UNIQLO DOWN UP – THIS WINTER, WARMTH IS IN THE AIR.
During the campaign period, over 20,000 people joined the campaign and hundreds of thousands of jackets have taken flight reaching a combined altitude of over 153,280 kilometers. Players have played over 3 minutes per jacket, per flight.