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Winter is a key season for sales of Lipton Milk Tea in China. Milk Tea is a hot beverage and the challenge was simple: Get students to drink milk tea by communicating warmth, during the upcoming winter season.

在中国,冬天是立顿奶茶的销售旺季。作为热饮,奶茶所面对的市场挑战是: 在即将来临的冬季,借助网络平台,传达立顿“温暖”的产品诉求,让学生消费群把立顿奶茶作为他们冬日饮品的首选。

We created “A Hug A Day” – A social media application that lives on renren.com. Renren is the second biggest social network in China with over 70 Million active users and is primarily used by university students. The app is simple, just start a hug chain every day and see how far your hug chain travels within your social circle. Alternatively, you can also join hug chains on a daily basis. Video content also accompanied these hugs using various characters all linking back to different Milk Tea flavours. When visualising these hug chains, users see their friends’ profile pictures mapped in 3D on objects such as hearts, cakes & flowers to mention a few. There is also a gaming aspect to these hug chains in where users can get magic cards with proof of purchase, and influence the progress of their chains. These magic cards can allow users to double their chains, cut other chains and even steal chains to add to their own.


To this day, this Lipton Milk Tea campaign holds the record for the highest engagement campaign ever on renren.com with over 2,606,800 unique hug chains started which equals to 3.71% of renren’s total active user engaged in our campaign. In a country where culturally, hugging is not common, the A Hug A Day Lipton Milk Tea Campaign got the nation hugging and chain hugging, socially.