Most mothers in China use the internet and specifically use search to find advice and recipes to ensure their children get all the nutrition they would need. But the internet can become a flood of information and could also at times be untrustworthy.

How then can a brand like Knorr break through the clutter and offer mothers a one-stop solution to their children's nutritional needs?

Knorr 321 Recipe application - The one-stop nutrition hub for young mothers.

Delivering contextual results based on keywords when mothers would search for information online, the Knorr 321 Recipe Application offers mothers all the recipes and tips they might need - all in one interactive space. But how could we promote this application and its useful features?

For this we created a series of web films inspired by the Chinese saying, "let the children play while they learn", we told the stories of young children trying their best to achieve their dreams of being stronger and taller, with the help of two imaginary characters - Lele the giraffe and Zhuangzhuang the lion. These characters addressed two of the most prevalent nutritional concerns mothers might have - my child is too short or my child is too weak. Not only were the films entertaining, they also guided mothers to the 321 Recipe Application through Baidu and soon became a phenomenal success.

Along with the application, we also offered mothers the chance to sample Knorr soup, delivered inside a pop-up book, filled with stories to keep the kids entertained and a wealth of recipes for mothers to use. Ensuring their kids receive the optimum nutrition.

Offering contextual search results based on the mothers' search, our application would appear directly in the search results on offering a fully interactive experience filled with tips and recipes to address the nutritional issues the mother searched out.

A first for both Knorr and Baidu, the application would eliminate the need for endless amounts of destination sites and misguided information.

In only a few weeks, our application engaged with over 9 million users, reaching the no.1 spot in the food category on both (China's google) and Weibo (China's twitter). In the mean time, our web films reached over 20 million views as more and more mothers spread the word of the value of Knorr and family care.